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Merchandise in Baggage

Merchandise In Baggage detained by HM Customs? Call our MIB Customs Brokers...

MIB - Merchandise in Baggage - Customs Clearance

We have experienced customs clearance agents on duty to offer (M.I.B) Merchandise In Baggage customs clearance within the passenger terminals at London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport.

This service is ideal for any dutiable items being carried by a passenger. Regular customs attendance is required for items such as works of art, exhibition goods under temporary import, urgent parts & equipment.

We also offer a delivery van service to and from the airport passenger terminals for any large or urgent deliveries.

Transport service from London Heathrow Passenger Terminals by van to the whole of the UK

Excess Baggage Cargo Services available on all airlines

For help, advice, quotations or if your goods have been  detained by HM customs or for any (MIB) Merchandise In Baggage Customs Clearance requirements please get in touch with our team on 0208 893 7722 or make an online enquiry on our contact page.


We were really stuck, one of our Directors was flying in with an urgent dutiable item, we needed fast customs clearance at Heathrow passenger terminal, thank you.



Tel: 0208 893 7722