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Export Packing Services

Professional export cargo packing of consignments means no broken promises...

London Export Packing Services

Frontier Forwarding Services Limited offers a wide range of specialist export dangerous goods packing & crating services at our secure warehousing facility close to London Heathrow Airport.

Fragile goods, hazardous or dangerous goods, electronic equipment, classic vehicles or motorcycles, packed and crated to the highest standard. We have the expertise to ensure your cargo travels protected.

Our own staff pack and crate all types of motorbikes, classic motorcycles, touring bikes, racing motorbikes or private vintage bikes. Professional packing is our game!

•  Pick & Pack  services are also carried out at our own London Heathrow Secure warehousing facility.

•  Dangerous goods (DGR) collection and packing for air freight services is arranged.

•  Secure packing of Antiques, Works of Art and other valuables.

For help, advice and quotations for all warehousing and storage please call us on 0208 893 7722 or make an online enquiry on our contact page.


Our bio products need to remain frozen throughout delivery, and we know that Frontier Forwarding are highly experienced DGR packers so we simply leave it to them. Their service cannot be faulted.



Tel: 0208 893 7722